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The Restoration Project

Condition Before Restoration
  • A temporary roof-cover was put in place over the demolished roof, but the considerable water ingress had caused serious internal damage to the building.

  • All doors and windows had at one time been secured, but constant vandalism had resulted in only the ground floor protection remaining in place.

  • The inside fittings had been completely gutted.

  • All of the cast-iron fireplaces had been removed together with the very attractive stair balusters and oak handrail.

  • Fortunately the removal of the upstairs windows allowed adequate ventilation to prevent any visible fungus growth.

  • The floors were covered, in places to a depth of 10cm, with various forms of detritus. This was cleared before restoration work began by volunteer groups organised by the West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust.

Only a temporary roof cover was put in place. Select the image to see alarger view
Considerable water damage had occurred

All of the cast-iron fireplaces have been removed. Select the image to see a larger view.
All of the fireplaces had been stolen

More about the restoration project

Condition Before Restoration

Making Restoration Possible

Costs and Funding

Progress Reports:
  April 2005
  (the re-opening)
  November 2004
  (work in progress)
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