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Harry Smith

Harry Smith in 2000 Born: 23rd May 1919

Educated: King Edward VI Grammar School Stourbridge

Married: Daisy Louisa Jane Latimer on July 13th 1940

2 children, girls:
Anne, born 1944
Bridget, born 1946

Harry began his working life at Harris and Pearson as a Traineee Production and Pattern Maker (moulder) from 1935-39.

He joined the RAF as an observer and served in England and India finishing as an iInstructor at No. 1 Air Armament School, Manby from 1939-46.

He returned to Harris and Pearson to complete his training as a Production assistant and Pattern Maker from 1946-48.

He joined George King Harrison as Production Manager from 1948-52.

Harry Migrated to Australia in 1952 and began his working life in Adelaide, South Australia at Adelaide Potteries employed to introduce refractories. Harry was made Works Manager in 1954 when a new plant had been built for refractory production. Harry was instrumental in starting the refractory manufacturing industry for Adelaide Potteries and sourced many of the raw materials for this company. Harry stayed at this establishment until his retirement in 1982 although the company changed hands many times during that time.

It is interesting to note that Harry's sister, Edna Green, has recently returned to the original family home which has now been rebuilt and is called Witchbury Grange, Hagley Road, Pedmore.

Harry and Daisy on their wedding day
Harry and Daisy on their wedding day at St Peter's Church, Pedmore

Taken as part of a group picture, 82 Squadron
Part of a group picture, 82 Squadron, 1941

harry @arming' his blister gun
Harry 'arming' his blister under defence gun
This gun is just visible on the nose of the first aircraft in the photo below.

82 squadron Blenheims Mark IV
82 squadron, Blenheims Mark IV, 1940-41

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Harry Smith

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The Manufacture of Glass House Pots by Harry Smith
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